resolveDon’t resolve to do, just do! Do something you’ve never done before; something unconventional, uncommon, and even unpopular. Donate to a charity. And I have one for you. There is an organization worth supporting whose efforts benefit children and their families at home and the region.


A Facebook post from my friend Didacus Jules about the Foundation for the Development of Caribbean Children (FDCC) left me hyped and excited about this organisation. I clicked on the link, examined the website, emailed some fix-up spots and finally donated to

Living in Chicago has opened my eyes to the importance of giving so others can succeed. Volunteering, donating time and money to the many non-profit causes is almost a staple in the life of this city. I’ve learnt that people feel a connection to and support an organization either by its message, personal experience or a feeling of social responsibility. People understand the importance in giving to the continuous development of their society.

These values, principles, practices are not far from me, my experience growing up in Saint Lucia, the social groups that shaped my eventual participation in volunteer organizations in my adult life. Living abroad has not dampened my desire to be a part of my community. I have and currently volunteer my time through an organization called Chicago Cares. The ability to share my skills with children through reading, tutoring and crafts is a tribute of all those years at the Central Library.

But still I’ve looked for a regional charity/foundation/cause to support. The FDCC is an easy choice. It is visibly measureable through the ongoing success of the Roving Caregivers Programme as carried out in Dominica, Grenada, St. Vincent, Saint Lucia, Jamaica and Belize since 2005.

I believe in these – each one help one and together we can. My donation and yours as well, creates the reality to change the quality and quantity of life for a child right in your community. It is the opportunity to act in the development of a child in their formative years, a child who may be your neighbour.

So here’s what you do. Vet the FDCC through their website, then hit the DONATE NOW button and give a minimum of $10.00. You will touch the lives of at least 5 children. Involve your friends to make a bigger group contribution. Next contact the FDCC to find out how you can volunteer your time and skills to needy children and their families. Let’s help to reach another 30,000 disadvantaged children aged 0-5 before 2015.

Trust me, doing this will not only fill some of your spare time, but develop a profoundly immeasurable feeling of goodness deep in your soul.

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