GovernorDame Dr. Louisy was speaking at a Gala Fund-Raising event at the Sandals Beach Resort and Spa in St Lucia, hosted by the FDCC and Sandals Resorts International. Calling on both the public and private sector to invest in the RCP, the Governor General said, “Our society cannot afford the cost of neglecting our children. Neglected children, particularly those raised in disadvantaged environments are less likely to succeed in school and in economic and social life”.


She reminded the guests that because children are the future, the inculcation of the social and moral values that will guide and direct that future should begin at birth and continue well into the early years of life. As a result, the Governor General extended her full support for the 10 year-old RCP project which provides early childhood development services to children 0 - 3 years old in disadvantaged households across the region. Currently, the programme is implemented in Grenada, Dominica, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Jamaica and Belize.

The GG commended the RCP approach because it ensures the involvement of parents and primary caregivers. She explained, “Most early childhood development programmes take the child away from the home environment, and exclude the parent(s) or caregivers…But the RCP involves local residents in the delivery of the programme, goes into the home to engage in child stimulation activities alongside parents and caregivers, teaches parenting skills, and even sometimes offers income-generating support for those parents and caregivers.”

The Fund Raising event took place on March 3, 2012.