MORE SUPPORT FOR THE REGIONAs Caribbean travellers generously donate their loose change to the FDCC/LIAT’s Sky’s the Limit inflight campaign, one of the FDCC’s media partners, CMC, stopped by the FDCC’s offices to make their contribution to the Caribbean’s most vulnerable children. CMC’s Loretta Skeete(centre)handed over a “bucketful” of loose change on behalf of her organisation to the Foundation’s Consultant Director, Susan Branker (right).


The FDCC has launched its Sky’s the Limit campaign, allowing both government and corporate sectors as well as the public to donate on board LIAT, online or directly to help fund needed early childhood development services and projects across the region. Research shows that there are thousands of vulnerable Caribbean children who are not receiving effective stimulation during 0 to 3 years old. This places them at a major disadvantage and unprepared to make the best of their primary school education and lifelong learning.