The Foundation for the Development of Caribbean Children (FDCC) will collaborate with a broad range of organisations and people involved in early childhood development in the region. This includes governments, public- and private-sector organisations, professionals in health, education and related fields, and community leaders.

Specifically we :

  • Review proposals and determine allocation of funds or resources to qualified initiatives within the region
  • Provide technical assistance, especially with respect to quality assurance measures
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on programme initiatives
  • Monitor and reporting on use of resources
  • Leverage and manage capital and project funds
  • Assist Caribbean governments to mainstream early childhood development, care and education services
  • Advocate for quality care support services for young children and their families living in disadvantaged situations
  • Support the generation and dissemination of knowledge on Early Childhood Development in the Caribbean

Geographic scope

Focus on the Caribbean


Thematic priorities

Optimising our impact

Social Entrepreneurship Supporting social innovations

How to apply