The Foundation for the Development of Caribbean Children (FDCC) is the first indigenous, non-profit private foundation in the Caribbean. We evolved from the very successful 10 year Caribbean Child Support Initiative (CCSI) programme.

We are dedicated to early childhood development, and have an excellent track record of giving our children the foundation they deserve – each must have an equal opportunity to reach their maximum potential. A better start leads to a better future, and we passionately believe in leaving no child behind.

We cannot do this alone. We partner, collaborate and cut through regional and organisational differences, facilitate research, share knowledge, and optimise cost efficiency. Children are our future and we will give them the foundation they deserve.

FDCC History

Evolved from the Caribbean Child Support Initiative (CCSI)

CCSI Milestones & Accomplishments 2002-2011

We have an excellent track record.

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FDCC 3 Year Strategic Plan 2012-2015

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FDCC Business Prospectus

FDCC Fact Sheet

Building A Regional Foundation - Presentation

Purpose, Vision & Mission Guiding Principles Operational Effectiveness (Adapted from the Paris Declaration

Strengthening the care environment

Board of Directors Profile

Founded by Caribbean nationals

Management staff

We passionately believe in our work


Children are our future – become part of our regional network


Achieving more through partnership


Every donation makes a real difference