Description of Process:

  • Step 1: Apply on-line
  • Step 2: Applications are vetted for eligibility
  • Step 3: Grant sub-committee of the Board reviews and approves grants

What we Fund

The FDCC is devoted to championing the cause of early childhood development in the Caribbean. Our purpose is to strengthen the care environment for young children in the region by providing financial and technical assistance to partners. We are driven by our vision of a Caribbean where young children from all social and economic backgrounds have equal opportunities to reach their maximum potential.

In order to promote this vision and adopt a united multi-sectoral approach to the cause, the FDCC will leverage and manage funds for initiatives focusing on young children in disadvantaged communities.

The FDCC will target our philanthropic investments to partners and programmes that have achieved or aim to achieve meaningful outcomes and measurable results in ECD or any other field that supports or compliments the goals and mission of the FDCC. Read our Strategy Paper

Organisations seeking grants from the FDCC must be prepared to track and report programme outcomes as well as specific results that demonstrate measurable human impact. In the grant application, applicants must indicate what outcomes are targeted through programming and what results, as specified on the application, will be measured.

To be eligible for funding consideration organisations must :

  • Not duplicate or significantly overlap the work of existing initiatives
  • Serve the community without discrimination on the basis of age, color, citizenship, disability, gender, race, religion, national origin, marital status or sexual orientation
  • Keep books available for regular independent outside audit and make the results available to all FDCC potential contributors. FDCC retains the right to share information with potential donors we see fit
  • Comply with applicable laws regarding registration and reporting
  • Observe the highest standards of business conduct in its relationships with the public
  • Intervention should be targeted in the Caribbean

Ineligible requests

Requests for funding from the following will not be considered :

  • Organisations that discriminate based on any of the factors listed above
  • Automatic disqualification may occur based on possible conflict of interest or conflict of values with that of the FDCC

How to Apply

If you would like the FDCC to consider funding your project—which must fit within one or more of our initiatives—please CLICK HERE for the application form. This online application is the only way in which we receive and respond to unsolicited proposals from individual and organisations. We will not accept proposals sent by mail or email, unless you are invited to do so. If we determine, based on your answers to the following questions, that your initiative is a potential fit with our agenda, we will respond by asking you to submit a full proposal.

For more information on what and how FDCC allocates funds, please look at our Transparency and Accountability Policy (TAP)