The Foundation for the Development of Caribbean Children (FDCC) would like to encourage participation and contribution from all stakeholders/partners in supporting investments in the development of the youngest and most vulnerable in the Caribbean region.

The FDCC see its role as adding value to existing work being undertaken in cross-cutting sectors. It will therefore seek to establish and strengthen partnerships with existing regional and international development partners in the sector, particularly in the areas of governance and policy formulation, capacity building and filling the gaps in the ECD sector.

There is no room for doubt. And the time is now. Your involvement and contribution will go far in changing the lives of the most vulnerable young children and families in our disadvantaged communities.

Thank you for your generous support and interest in bettering the lives of Caribbean children. FDCC endeavours to be good stewards of your gift and will fully utilise all donations towards giving Caribbean children the foundation they deserve.

“Give our children the foundation they deserve”

Your donation is vital. Thank you!

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