Who can become a member of the FDCC?

Membership in the FDCC is open to interested persons and organisations worldwide. Membership is offered in two categories; ordinary members including individuals over the age of 18, and duly registered corporate bodies, and honorary members, being those individuals or corporations who, in recognition of their work for the Foundation, are elected by the Directors and accept this election. The annual membership fee for individuals is US$25, while organisations and corporations will pay US$500 and the lifetime membership is US$1000. The application and membership process is overseen by the Board of Directors.

Criteria for membership

The FDCC is seeking devoted and passionate individuals and organisations that are interested in furthering ECD in the Caribbean and are willing to partner with us as we strive to improve the services offered to our children.

We are looking for persons who:

  • Believe in and are passionate about the mission, vision and work of the FDCC
  • Possess key skills, experience and diversity needed by FDCC, such as leadership, management experience, financial planning, legal, marketing, and or fund raising expertise
  • Have concern for FDCC’s development, and are willing to learn about the substantive programme areas of the FDCC
  • Work well with individuals and groups
  • Are willing to contribute personal and/or financial resources to the FDCC, and to cultivate and solicit outside funds
  • Can recruit other members/volunteers
  • Have a developed sense of values and personal integrity
  • Are sensitive to and tolerant of views and opinions different from their own

How to become a member

Persons interested in membership in the FDCC must complete an application form, which may be completed ONLINE or downloaded HERE. Please note that your application form must contain sufficient information, and supporting evidence where necessary, in order to allow the Board to verify your eligibility. Applications will be reviewed by the Board within two weeks and a decision will be communicated promptly.

Why become a member?

Membership in the Caribbean’s first indigenous non-profit foundation, will provide an avenue for persons interested in furthering ECD in the Caribbean to work along with like-minded individuals and organisations to give Caribbean children the start they deserve.

Aside from a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, members will receive tangible benefits and contribute to the decision–making process:

  • Members can vote in the annual elections for the Board of Directors
  • New research and publications will be made available to members first
  • Members will receive discounts on all symposiums/events being hosted by the FDCC
  • Members will receive copies of FDCC’s Annual Reports as well as our quarterly newsletters
  • Each member will receive a password that will allow exclusive access to our online resources
  • Members will receive a Member’s Toolkit including FDCC branded paraphernalia
  • Members will be able to contribute to online discussions
  • Members will be able to vote on issues requiring the input of members
  • Members will become Caribbean Champion for ECD

For more comprehensive information on the rules of membership, please look at the

Download this file (The_By_Laws_FDCC.pdf)The_By_Laws_FDCC.pdf[ ]135 kB