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With the TogetherWeCan Model, everyone's a winner. At the Foundation for the Development of Caribbean Children (FDCC) we support and collaborate with individuals and organisations (public and private sector) involved in early childhood development in the region.
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We offer funding for initiatives focusing on young children in disadvantaged communities within the Caribbean region. To be eligible for funding consideration, organisations must not duplicate or significantly overlap the work of existing initiatives. They must serve the community without discrimination of any form and comply with applicable laws regarding registration and reporting. They are expected to keep books available for regular independent outside audit and make the results available to all FDCC potential contributors. We retain the right to share information with potential donors as we see fit.To qualify for funding by the FDCC, your project must fit within one or more of our initiatives—please CLICK HERE for the application form.

This online application is the only way in which we receive and respond to unsolicited proposals from individuals and organisations. We will not accept proposals sent by mail or email.

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Research shows that investment in early childhood development interventions reduces poverty, crime and delinquency, improves school attendance and performance thus resulting in a better quality workforce, and better quality of life overall. TogetherWeCan make a difference. Through your donations, whether in kind or in time as a volunteer, and our funding of relevant projects/initiatives we can do it.

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If you are willing to give of your time and skills while making a difference in the lives of socially vulnerable young children and families, then you we need you.

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..to make a difference in the lives of young, vulnerable children in the Caribbean region. There is no room for doubt... the time is now. “TogetherWeCan give our children the foundation they deserve”. Your donation is vital. Thank you!



We Need Your Pledges! We count on your pledges to make things happen! Your pledges matter. Get involved! Contribute! … and help change a child's life for the better!

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We have been able to continue with our work across the Caribbean, thanks to our many partners, and we are extremely grateful to them for their generosity and support over the years.